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The Syner-EDC Triple Mini is a great value tri-bar spinner

Developed by: Syner-EDC
Cost: $40
Bearing used: Yellow Jacket high precision skate bearings
Spins for: 3 minutes
Size: Diameter: 1.75 inches, thickness: 0.5 inches
Type: Tri-spinner
Available in: Brass

The Triple Mini Fidget Spinner from Syner-EDC is an appealing little fidget spinner at just $40, which is why we were so tempted to have a go with it. The tri-polar shaping is quite unusual yet the 0.5-inch brass thickness ensures this is a heavy piece. So it looks fresh and great, but what else? Time to find out.

While technically a tri-spinner, the bars are chunky and make up more of the circumference than the gaps. This makes the Triple Mini very dense, allowing for a secure feel between your fingers. The body has been machined well with a smooth finish, and it’s easy to stop and restart this fidget spinner. So far so good.

The buttons on the Triple Mini are raised enough from the body that the hand spinner can complete table spins, giving this toy a bit of versatility. However, the tight design has one key drawback: the buttons are so securely fitted that they are extremely difficult to get off, making access to the bearing limited.


The buttons ultimately aren’t far enough removed from the body of the Triple Mini to allow for easy spinning. Indeed, if you don’t have your fingers in exactly the right place you’ll more than likely come into contact with the spinner’s body. The Yellow Jacket high precision skate bearings are, as we mentioned, very hard to access, but the way they have been inserted results in low compression, enabling nicer spins.

Spin performance
The bearing used in the Triple Mini is pretty good, even if there is a noticeable noise. It’s not too loud and this fidget spinner is smooth and ergonomic enough to allow for plenty of fidgeting. A top spin time of three minutes is about middle of the road for a fidget spinner, but it’s maybe above average for one of this design.

The Triple Mini is very heavy due the half-inch of solid brass, but since the majority of the weight is on the outer section of the body, it’s weird to spin. The feeling is great though and you get the sense that this is a sturdy and long-lasting fidget spinner.

You may want to try a catching trick with the Triple Mini. The design means it’s easy to throw in the air, and the extra weight gives you greater control than perhaps an aluminum spinner might. There are many spin possibilities with the Triple Mini and none of them are too brutal on your fingers.

The Triple Mini is definitely a different fidget spinner and one of the more solid spinners that we have reviewed. At just $40, the Triple Mini is good value, and a good upgrade from a plastic spinner, and one to tick off for keen fidget spinner collectors.

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