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The Spinget: Check out the most expensive fidget spinner on the planet

Developed by: Octobrachia
Cost: $100,000
Size: 5cm x 3cm x 1.5cm
Type: Bar spinner

Well you’d probably need to have more money than sense to buy this fidget spinner! Aiming to set an unbreakable record, Octobrachia have developed a hand spinner which is retailing at an utterly astonishing $100,000! Lavishedwith diamonds from Swiss jeweller Franc Vila, the Spinget is an exorbitant bar spinner that really is like no other.

In total, there are a staggering 950 Top Wesselton diamonds attached to this fidget spinner. The 18-karat white gold base also serves to boost the price tag of this bar spinner, which weighs in at a round 100 grams.

The architect of the Spinget, Steve Raffner, gave a simple answer to those who queried why he made this spinner: “Why not make it?”

We’ll have to see whether Raffner’s game is as good as his talk or if this is simply a publicity stunt to help draw attention to a more affordable spinner that the company also sells. All that considered, it would still be truly remarkable to see a six-figure fidget spinner go on sale.

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