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Simplicity wins through with the Vantage bar spinner from NobleSpin

Developed by: NobleSpin
Cost: $69 to $99
Bearing used: NobleSpin ceramic hybrid
Spins for: 4 minutes
Type: Bar spinner
Available in: Stainless steel

Texan-based NobleSpin have come up with the Vantage bar fidget spinner, which has aimed to keep it simple yet produce impeccable performance. It’s just one piece of smooth metal that has a professional appearance and a clean stainless steel finish. From viewing it, you’d suggest that this is a high-quality fidget spinner – one of the best bar spinners money could buy. A thorough investigation of the design and spin quality should see whether this presumption is correct.

The Vantage has been wonderfully smoothed down for a sleek finish and the polished look is also very likeable. The glossy titanium finish gives this bar spinner additional protection – perfect for the wear and tear that comes with portable use – and the buttons are concave and comfortable enough to make for an easy hold. The small dimension of the Vantage will help to make this one of your most popular EDC items. It’s weighty enough that you’ll know it’s in your pocket, but the spin times that can be achieved are impressive for such a small spinner. The aesthetics are flexible and you can buy the Vantage in black pearl, gold, bronze or rainbow. NobleSpin has gotten everything right with the design of the Vantage and it’s a fidget spinner that you’ll want to show off.

Spin performance
The Vantage is a bit unusual in that it uses a specific ceramic hybrid bearing exclusive to NobleSpin. The ceramic, which is used for the balls, is sourced from Japan while the stainless steel races come from Germany and the nylon cages are manufactured in the United States. The combination has really worked and we managed to chalk up spin times of over four minutes. The bearing does not come lubricated up and we strongly advise you not to meddle with it. Lubricant only leads to long-term friction due to the gunk in the bearing and this will bring down spin times by 75 percent or more.

However, you’re still going to need to clean your bearing now and again due to the inevitability of particles and dirt sneaking their way in, causing friction. NobleSpin recommend that you use a hair dryer for cleaning as the air can force out the dirt without anything else getting into the bearings. If there is one drawback to the Vantage it’s the rattling that occurs due to the gap between the buttons and the bearing. Make no mistake though, spinning the Vantage is a delightful experience and one of the best you’ll have with a bar fidget spinner at this price. This spinner leaves plenty of margin for error, and you don’t have to strike it perfectly each time to get great spins. Moreover, stopping and starting it is simple, making the Vantage a fidget-focused spinner too.

NobleSpin have come up trumps with the Vantage. This is an expertly made bar spinner which has the aesthetics of a first-class fidget spinner and an eyebrow-raising performance too. The buttons are nice and suited for an ergonomic grip and the only real problem is the noisy bearing which wouldn’t be great if you work in an office.

This is very much a classic bar spinner that has just been made well. It’s not oversized and it isn’t too heavy. The Vantage is great for anybody’s collection, but particularly good for someone who’s had enough of their budget spinner and is ready to move up a grade.

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