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The Rotobow Nano is a perfect EDC fidget spinner

Developed by: Fidget Gear
Cost: $40 to $50
Bearing used: Ceramic bearing
Spins for: 1 minute
Size: Diameter: 1.5 inches
Type: Mini spinner
Available in: Brass and titanium

Fidget Gear have released a few fidget spinners in recent months and the Rotobow Nano is another which has caught our eye. This is a small spinner which has been well crafted, and boasts grippy buttons. It’s sold in both brass and titanium and comes with a ceramic bearing, indicating Fidget Gear have tried to deliver performance, despite the small size.

The Rotobow Nano’s Design
There’s nothing spectacular about the Rotobow Nano’s design. The brass body is very typical and doesn’t stand out, with the small cut-outs on each side being its only notable feature. The ceramic bearing is nicely tucked away into the middle of the spinner, and is covered by decent sized buttons. At a 1.5-inch diameter, it’s a small piece, but the brass helps to give it some much-needed weight between the fingers.

It’s not all great though, and while the buttons are good for the grip and the body weight is vital for stability, the grooves formed in the body are sharp and do hurt your fingers a bit if you try stopping the brass at high speeds. But if you fidget a lot, then you may be used to the bumping and bruising!

The buttons aren’t as concave as you’d find in a bigger fidget spinner, but they do a job here and are nicely designed to provide a little additional grip which is always welcome. Moreover, they’re easy to remove if you need to remove the bearing for cleaning. Do be sure to clean your bearing every now and then to prevent it becoming too gritty.


Spin Performance
Mini spinners are great for everyone thanks to their small dimensions, and playing with the Rotobow Nano was a real joy. The tactile feedback is likeable, yet the spin is still ultra-smooth. You’ll grow to like the reverberations that go through the spinner. If you’re used to spinners which you can hardly feel, then try switching it up with the Rotobow Nano.

The Rotobow Nano is very versatile so if you have a box of fidget spinner tricks then this spinner will allow you to showcase them. Perhaps you like to flick it in a specific manner or perform a special snap, the Rotobow Nano has the leeway that ensures it performs how you want it to, even if you don’t strike it quite right. Hence, this is a spinner you can play with minimal attention – you may not even have to take it out of your pocket, you’ll become that used to its nuances!

Now, with mini spinners you can’t be anticipating four or five minute spins but you can’t help but feel a little bit short-changed with the Rotobow Nano’s short spin time. Fidget Gear claim that you can get two-minute spins, although from our experience, we found that it’s hard to get more than 60 seconds consistently. Moreover, once the spinner starts to slow down, it comes to a rather rapid halt. Again, we have to allow for a bit of performance drop with mini spinners, but it’s still a shame.

Whether you go for the brass ($40) or titanium ($50) Rotobow Nano, you’re getting a great mini spinner which is more than worth its price. Not only is it small enough to make it fully EDC, but it’s a great spinner to fidget and experiment with – it’ll definitely keep you occupied. For a budget spinner, we wholly recommend it.

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