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A Quick Guide to Fidget Spinner Buttons

When people think “What makes the perfect fidget spinner?” they usually consider the bearings or the body, not the buttons. But while the design and the performance shown in the body and the bearing is indeed vital, it’s important not to forget the buttons (sometimes referred to as caps) as these are also crucial too – hence why they come in many different shapes and sizes. In this post, we’re going to help uncover what the differences in buttons are, what makes a great fidget spinner button, and take a look at a few popular buttons available online.


What are fidget spinner buttons and why are they important?
Fidget spinner buttons are just what you’d think they’d be if you were holding a fidget spinner for the first time – they are the pieces on the bottom and top of the spinner that you hold between your fingers. These buttons also cover up the bearing, and help protect it from too much dirt and lint getting in and creating friction. You can either hold the buttons lightly and just let the fidget spinner spin, or take a firmer grasp if you want extra stability for longer spins. So while they’re not integral to performance, if you don’t have good buttons, you cannot achieve maximum efficiency.

Different types of fidget spinner buttons
Let’s see some of the key distinguishers in hand spinner buttons.

How they attach – fidget spinner buttons tend to have a threaded design which allows you to screw the button on, although we are starting to see a few magnetized buttons emerge onto the market

The material – Most commonly, especially with cheaper fidget spinners, the buttons will be made of plastic. Otherwise, the spinners tend to make the buttons out of the same metal that is used to make the body. Cheaper metal spinners tend to have aluminum buttons, and you’ll often see brass and stainless steel buttons with more expensive models.

The bearings they fit –there are a few fidget spinner bearings used by companies, although you’ll see more R188 and 608 bearings than any others. But the variety means that you’ll need specific buttons for specific bearings. It’s vital that your fidget spinner buttons slots snugly into the bearing’s inner race so that it’s stable throughout your spin. Just check before you buy to ensure you don’t end up with the wrong combination!


The design –
this one isn’t specific, but each company will design their fidget spinner buttons slightly differently, and naturally some work better than others. Here’s what you should be seeking from a quality button:

  • Large design to guarantee a comfortable fit, even with bigger fingers
  • Are they raised enough from the fidget spinner itself so that there’s no way fingers can come into contact with the body while it’s spinning? The extra height also lets you place the spinner on a flat surface and watch it spin.
  • A really concave design so that you can really get your fingers down into the button. If you’re spinning a metal spinner at high speeds, you want the peace of mind that it’s not going to shoot out of your hand at any given moment.
  • Are the buttons grippy enough to ensure that they do not slip?

Now you know what makes a great fidget spinner button, it’s time to have a glance at some of the best buttons currently on sale. We’ll look at buttons for both premium spinners and budget spinners!

Premium buttons

Modus Works – Modus Works stick to what their good at and they focus on one specific button design. It’s been a success and they’re collection of Zirconium buttons have proven to be a winner.

Pose Blades –
Pose Blades are a really popular button crafter and are known for their use of the rare Damasteel in the Bluetongue Damasteel Buttons. These buttons really are a dream and exude class. They aren’t cheap, but a bit of scouting around should help you find a bargain.


Ables Planetary Spinners –
Ables is coming up with some funky buttons that offer something little different. If you want to give your fidget spinner that extra spark and separate it from the rest then some buttons from here should do the trick. The most impressive style is the etched look, which is not only aesthetically delightful, but helps to increase grip.


Budget Fidget Spinner Buttons

NTO Designs – NTO Designs have produced all sorts of buttons at various price ranges. From the exclusive Mokume to aluminum, the RevSpin line is extensive, and the availability of threaded and magnetized buttons is welcome.



Neo Spin
Neo Spin caters for both R188 and 608 bearings and even a few of the rarer bearings out there. Their most prominent buttons are those in the “Herc Line”, which are more concave than other buttons, helping to improve grip.

There’s a huge range of fidget spinner buttons out there now which will help you to customize your fidget spinner no end. Hopefully this guide has given you a newfound appreciation for the buttons in your spinner, and has shown you why it’s imperative you have good ones if you want a top-level hand spinner.

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