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Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum: An excellent, fidget-focused spinner

Developed by: Mechforce
Cost: $50
Bearing used: R188 ceramic hybrid
Spins for: 3 minutes
Dimensions:  2.3 inches x 2.5 inches x 0.7 inches
Type: Tri-spinner
Available in: Aluminum (2.4oz)

Mechforce’s Deltacore Aluminum is a fidget spinner that’s in high demand, as it looks so simply and satisfying. At just $50, this spinner is affordable, yet boasts high quality with a ceramic hybrid bearing and a surprisingly light body (made of aluminum weighing 2.4 oz). Given that the Deltacore is a large model though, the move to use the light aluminum strikes as a clever one. Let’s go over the final details.

Deltacore Design
Having produced a range of products in the past – most notably firearm accessories – the design used in the Deltacore Aluminum is just typical of Mechforce. You have the classic ridges and refined appearance, and this really gives the fidget spinner superiority over others – it’s unique, but in a way familiar. The Deltacore Aluminum is hence one of the freshest and most mechanical looking fidget spinners on the market. It is sold in orange, red, black and silver.

There’s no shying away from it, the Deltacore Aluminum is a big and bulky spinner, measuring 2.3 x 2.5 inches with 0.7-inch thickness. However, while it can be hard to get used to holding and isn’t ideal for smaller hands, this spinner does feel great once you’ve got your fingers around the buttons. The size is not overbearing due to the aluminum body, and if you have trialled the stainless steel Deltacore before and not found joy with it, then you may have more luck here. The rivets all add to the charm of the Deltacore Aluminum and with three slots for tritium inserts, there seems no end as to what you can do with this spinner.  

Everyone has their own little preferences with their hand spinners (which is why we see so many variations) and the Deltacore Aluminum certainly caters to those who are fond of huge buttons. The buttons have a chunky surface area and the concave design allows you to really get your fingers snug and secure, affording you more security and less wobble when you go for those speedy spins. The bearing is situated right in the center of the triangle, and has been shielded appropriately, as to enhance aesthetics and protect performance. The spinner has been hollowed out which makes for a really cool effect when the spinner is in motion, with the triangular part of the spinner almost looking as if it’s spinning on its own.

Unfortunately, the R188 ceramic hybrid bearing is hard to move since it’s kept in place by a retaining clip. The upside of this is that it protects your bearings from dirt and grit, hence keeping performance impressive, but when it finally is time to clean your spinner, you may struggle to get the bearing out.

Spin Performance of the Deltacore Aluminum
The Deltacore Aluminum isn’t your typical fidget spinner and if you’re after a true EDC spinner then you may be frustrated- it’s simply too large to carry comfortably in your pocket. However, that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, as this finger spinner is perfect for use at home or in the office. Actually spinning it is extremely pleasant and sure to keep you occupied.

Aluminum isn’t the most popular fidget spinner metal, with most companies opting for brass or stainless steel. However, it seems advantageous for a larger spinner to be made out of a lighter material, as it simply makes it a lot easier to stop. If you tend to fidget a lot, rather than just set your spinner off on long spins, then you’ll know that it can sometimes hurt your fingers a little when stopping a heavy spinner. The Deltacore Aluminum, meanwhile, is much easier to stop and flick the other way thanks to that lack of weight. It’s a similar experience as to what you would expect from a titanium spinner, and it’s a perk that shouldn’t be underestimated.

The fidget spinner market has developed quickly and we can already expect much more consistency with the bearings now than we could when they first went on sale – and, as always, if a bearing isn’t up to scratch it can always be replaced. The R188 ceramic hybrid bearing used in the Deltacore Aluminum offers the best of both, with the ceramic balls “wearing in” the steel races over time to improve performance. This fidget spinner is pretty quiet and should be able to deliver spins in excess of three minutes on a regular basis. It’s true that when you hold the buttons when the fidget spinner is motionless they can look a tad unsecure, but those concerns are banished once the spinner is in action, and you’ll be hard pressed to find another large tri-spinner which is as stable.

Mechforce have styled the Deltacore Aluminum to fidget-focused spinners, and this toy is easy to stop, start and reverse the motion. You can try a number of different spins with the Deltacore too thanks to its versatility. There’s a lot to like and experiment with, and the spin quality is as impressive as you could hope for with a $50 spinner.

The Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum fidget spinner is a stand-out pick in its price range. We’ve become accustomed to seeing tri-spinners, but never before have they seemed so light, and this helps to create a unique spinning experience that you perhaps can’t get elsewhere. The design has all of the Mechforce hallmarks and is as modern and stylish a spinner as you’ll find. Do note the size of this spinner once again, however, as it really does suit those with big hands the best. That the bearing is tricky to remove is a pain although not a huge frustration, as with a bit of persistence you’ll be able to get it out to clean.

For those who love huge spinners and revel in fidgeting, the Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum couldn’t come soon enough. Grab it for $49.95.

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