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Taking a peek at the Tri Xenosu

Taking a peek at the Tri Xenosu
Developed by: LMS Gear
Cost: $99 – $139
Bearing used: R188 ceramic hybrid
Type: Tri-spinner

LMS Gear has designed another super cool fidget spinner in the Tri Xenosu, a compact tri-bar spinner (who’d have guessed!?) that’s set to go on sale in July 2017.

The Tri Xenosu will be priced at $99 and $139. The cheaper models are made out of brass and copper, while the higher-end fidget spinners use stainless steel and titanium. The performance promises to be good here, with the Tri Xenosu utilizing an R188 ceramic hybrid bearing.

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FEGVE think big with the Air Ring Spin

Developed by: FEGVE
Cost: $149
Bearing: 688 hybrid ceramic bearing and 61803 stainless steel bearings
Type: Custom design

If you’ve not been introduced to ring spinners before, then you’re in for a treat with the Air Ring Spin from FEGVE. These spinners are super cool as not only can you use them as a traditional fidget spinner, you can also fit them onto your finger like a ring and spin them that way too. Most fidget spinners are either one or the other, but the Air Ring Spin allows you to do both!

If you’re using the Air Ring Spin as a ring spinner, then it uses a 61803 stainless steel bearing, but if you want to turn it back into a normal hand spinner, you can insert a 688 ceramic hybrid bearing, which fits snugly into the center of the piece.

The best spinning experience will undoubtedly come when the Air Ring Spin is in fidget spinner form thanks to the ceramic hybrid set-up, but ring spinners are also great for fidgeting with and for lengthy spin times, whether you have them on your finger or a slug.

The dual functionality makes the Air Ring Spin a winner from the off, although it’s going to set you back $149 – this is in the higher price range, but the FEGVE brand has a growing reputation and it looks to be worth every cent. It’s on sale now.


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First glance at the Mini Fidget Spinner Necklace

Developed by: Smart Manufacturing
Cost: $28
Type: Mini Spinner

Looking for a fidget spinner-themed gift to give to your girlfriend as summer nears? How about the Mini Fidget Spinner Necklace from Smart Manufacturing! This mini spinner is a quirky and entertaining piece that’ll surely provide some novelty fun at least!

Down to details and this mini fidget spinner uses an R188 bearing (there’s not much else to it!) and some miniscule buttons made of stainless steel. Don’t expect long spin times with a device so small, but the three-pronged spinner is neat, easily portable and worthy of your time.

This hand spinner costs just $28 and is also sold without the necklace addition if that’s not your thing! The Mini Fidget Spinner Necklace also stakes a claim to be the world’s smallest spinner – one for your collection!

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Introducing the 53/11 Spinner from Kickstarter

Developed by: Kickstarter
Cost: $78
Bearing used: Japanese 605 bearings
Size: Diameter 53mm, thickness 11mm
Type: Cog spinner
Available in: Stainless steel

The 53/11 spinner from Kickstarter is yet another of the cog spinners which have started to emerge recently. They are definitely intriguing, and the 53/11 promises to be fun.

The 53/11 definitely has stable and lengthy spins in mind, as we can glean from the outer ring. The buttons are typically concave and look to be of just the right size and depth. All in all, the 53/11 has machine-like aesthetics and we can hope that the performance will be similarly impressive.

Cog spinners really do look beautiful when in motion and this 11-tooth fidget spinner, complete with five slots in the inner ring are there to produce a mesmeric effect when in motion.

If you were wondering what the numbers meant, the 53/11 has a 53mm diameter and a thickness of 11mm. 53/11 is also a nod to a well-known cycling gear ratio.

The 53/11 uses a Japanese 605 bearing and we’ve been taken by surpise by this as no other company has dared to use such a bearing before. We’ll have to see whether that move pans out to be a good one, and it’d be a shame if it were to hold this delightful piece back. The word is that the 53/11 fidget spinner will go on sale in July 2017, retailing at just under $80.

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Checking out the S01 Remedy Spinner from Rama Works

Developed by: Rama Works
Cost: $50
Bearing used: 608 ceramic hybrid (9 bearings)
Size: Length: 1.8 inches, width: 1.8 inches, depth: 0.45 inches
Type: Tri-bar spinner
Available in: Brass and aluminum

Australian company Rama Works officially released the promo for the S01 Remedy Spinner in May 2017, so let’s take a look at it, and see what we can expect of this spinner when it goes out to the public in August.

This fidget spinner has been well designed and comes in either brass or aluminum. Equipped with a 608 ceramic hybrid bearing, the S01 Remedy Spinner lends itself toward longer spins – for maximum spin time, go with the brass. This hand spinner is very quiet, a real bonus for those who have fidgeting issues in the office and want a toy that’ll keep them occupied without being a burden on others. Coming in at less than two inches by two inches, this finger spinner is perfect for every day carry (EDC).

The 608 ceramic hybrid bearing is one of the best you can use in fidget spinning, and the stable, wobble-free spins it helps creates helps you to pull off a variety of tricks with the S01 Remedy Spinner. The weighting is very exact, allowing you to balance the spinner on just the one finger other pointed objects – it’s a really fun fidget spinner to play around with. The spinner itself has been smoothed and rounded down nicely, which plays well to the aesthetics but also makes it more pleasant to fidget with.

Both spinners are priced at $50, but depending on what you like from a fidget spinner, you should recognize the benefits of both brass and aluminum. The heavier brass is ideal for lengthier spins while the lighter aluminum is preferable if you’re just looking to fidget as much as possible. Brass spinners sure are weighty and require more of a push to get going, while the aluminum is more conducive to less powerful flicks and spins.

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Ultraspinners Delight with the MK2 Modulator

Developed by: Ultraspinners
Cost: $130 – $150
Bearing used: R188 stainless steel
Type: Custom design
Available in: Brass and aluminum

No company has gotten closer to making a fidget spinner with full customization than Ultraspinners have with the Mk2 Modulator. This spinner boasts four arms – a quad-bar spinner, if you will – and is sold in various bodies with various weights. Let’s go over the aesthetics, spinning quality and investigate the modifications you can make with the Mk2 Modulator.

The Design
The core set-up of the Mk2 Modulator is similar to what you’d get from any fidget spinner. At just one inch diameter, this is a tiny spinner, but the beautifully-shaped concave buttons are perfect to fit your fingers into. Ultraspinners have gone upmarket with their bearing by choosing an R188 stainless steel, but it’s the threaded inserts which really set this spinner apart. There are four of them, and this gives you the flexibility to make a whole host of alterations, swapping in and out the quirky accessories Ultraspinners offer up. Your imagination is the only limit with the Mk2 Modulator.

The Mk2 Modulator comes in either a brass or aluminum body, and the weight difference here is stark. The aluminum feels very light in the hands, although never unstable, while the brass is much denser. The heavier brass is a nod towards those who want spins of up to five or six minutes, although at 178 grams, it’s possible that you’ll find it a nuisance to hold after a while. But the customization factor should address any concerns – you can add or remove arms if you’re unhappy with the weight, or switch between aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Like we said, the combinations are endless!

The aluminum body is best for those who are keen on fidgeting, rather than just letting the spinner spin. The light weight ensures you can easily flick it back and forth. You also have the option of making a combo with the brass and aluminum, going for brass arms and an aluminum body or vice versa.

Thankfully, Ultraspinners have done well in developing the MK2 Modulator so that removing and adding pieces is an easy process. It’s never fiddly, and you can even use some of the accessories that were made for the MK1 with the MK2. Awesome!

The MK2 Modulator Spinning Experience
The MK2 Modulator lives up to its billing in offering a delightful spinning experience that feels effortlessly smooth. Whichever set up you go for, the MK2 performs capably and looks super stylish while in motion. Here’s the nitty gritty as to why.

Anyone who knows their fidget spinners will be aware that the R188 stainless steel bearings are the cream of the crop right now. All of the best spinners have them as they deliver a near-silent spin that can cope with lots of fidgeting, and is smooth enough to offer long spin times due to the minimal friction. That’s why the MK2 is great in both brass and aluminum form. The MK2 is a sturdy hand spinner that remains impeccably balanced when in use. We spoke earlier that the brass set-up can help to get spin times up to five or six minutes. That’s the ultimate and other combos won’t reach those heights but expect variance between two and four minutes.

In comparison to the other finger spinners out there, the MK2 feels big, so if you’ve small hands you might struggle if you opt for a four-armed approach. However, the beauty of the MK2 is its flexibility, and everyone can get this spinner into a format that works for them.

Some people like to try a few tricks with their spinner and the MK2 definitely allows for some off-balance fun. For example, you can decide to just have one arm and close the other ports off. You’ll need to practice a lot if you want to nail this technique, but it’s a fun thing to try if you get bored of standard spinning.

All that considered, it does seem a bit odd that Ultraspinners have made a big spinner with small buttons, as getting the perfect grip can take time. Clamping down on the buttons is tough when taking into account the size of the body, and when starting out you’ll need to be a little wary of the MK2 slipping out of your hand. It’s a small drawback and one you can quickly overcome, but still.

If you’re out, then scaling down the MK2 is the way to go. Then you get an easily portable spinner that’ll keep you satisfied through the day. When at home, however, you can really have some fun and utilize this fidget spinner to its full potential with all the arms. But there are no rules and feel free to try any of the plethora of combinations!

Many people choose to buy a collection of fidget spinners, but the first thought when playing with the MK2 is “why bother?” You can make literally any fidget spinner that you want here with all the accessories, from tri-bars to quad-bars to mini spinners to even off-balance spinners! What’s more, none of these set-ups ever feel inferior and are as good as you’d expect a single-purpose spinner to be. Not to forget the cog which can be fitted to offer yet another different type of spin!

Credit has to go to Ultraspinners here for near-perfect execution of what was an incredibly ambitious goal. This is perhaps the closest to an all-in-one fidget spinner that’s been produced to date and there’s a good chance that we’ll see more accessories to go with the MK2 Modulator soon.

The design is stable and the various fidget spinner set-ups all work well. You’ll most likely be using a tri-bar or quad-bar set-up but we definitely recommend playing around with the one-bar approach too.

We know that Ultraspinners have always been bold with their projects and that just leaves us excited to see what they will come up with next!

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Key Advice on Buying Wholesale Fidget Spinners

There’s no item in more demand at present than the fidget spinner – everybody is looking to get their hands on one! This flourishing new market is presenting companies with incredible opportunities to make a profit, but with the industry fast-moving, it’s vital that you make the right business moves if you want to get ahead of the rest. Here are a few key tips and pieces of advice that will enable you to capitalize with fidget spinners.

Why buy wholesale
You may be asking yourselves the question: why should I buy wholesale fidget spinners? The answer is very simple. Finger spinners are in extremely high demand at the moment, and when you buy in bulk you can make whopping savings that will help balloon your profits. For example, if you purchase more than $200 worth of fidget spinners in one go, you’ll start receiving massive discounts. And if you make a $500 buy, shipping is free! If you harbour ambitions of running a lucrative hand spinner business, then bThere are plenty of opportunities in the wholesale fidget spinner market. Here’s how you can make the most of them.uying in bulk is the only way to go.


Buy from us!
When you buy from us, we offer not only great savings but stunning customer service too – we pride ourselves on quick delivery and supreme quality. The fidget spinners that you buy from us go through rigorous testing to ensure that they meet certain standards, and you’re never going to be stuck with a bad batch.

If you’re running a business, then you need to be dealing with people who are reliable – having a top supplier is paramount to making sure everything else runs smoothly. Our company places massive importance on delivery, and when you order with us, you know that you’ll receive exactly what you’ve ordered at the time you’d expect it to arrive.


Why you should avoid buying fidget spinners from China
China may have many very attractive hand spinner wholesale deals out there, but there are a few reasons why you should be very varied of buying fidget spinners from the region. They all boil down either poor manufacturing or poor customer service – and both can easily be avoided.

Historically, China has been known for its cost-cutting measures which have allowed the country to produce more for less – hence why so much comes from China nowadays. Nowhere are these glaring issues more apparent than in fidget spinning.

While smaller US-based independent companies and, indeed, the bigger US companies put a lot of care and effort into producing high-quality durable finger spinners, you’ll find none of this with Chinese spinners. The bad manufacturing can result in an unbalanced spinner which will feel wobbly and not spin for as long. Cheap bearings are also prone to getting dirtier more quickly, a problem inherent with all spinners, but worst with low-grade ones.

And unfortunately, these substandard products usually end up slipping through the net due to the bad quality control systems in place in China. Without stringent checks from manufacturing companies, it’s inevitable that many bad batches are going to end up on the market. Furthermore, a lot of the finger spinners made in China are often direct rip offs of those made in the US and elsewhere.

It is your customers who will suffer most from a bad product, but the sub-par customer service will hit you and your company directly. When you buy finger spinners wholesale from China, you’re often left in the dark about how long it will take you to get your stock. It is common for communications to dry up for several weeks, leaving your questions unanswered and you waiting. Some companies are up front about the long delivery times, although others will string you along.

Even if you do eventually get what you’ve ordered, imagine if there’s an error – by the time you finally get started, you’ll have wasted not just weeks, but months. That saving you thought you were making could end up costing big.


Why you should stock fidget spinners in your store
Right now, everybody wants to get their hands on a fidget spinner, so what better move to make than to start stocking them in your store? The beauty of these toys is that they are so cheap, even people who aren’t totally into them will consider buying them just out of curiosity. And fidget spinners are becoming collector’s items too – fans don’t just stop with one! So if you can stock something in your store that’s a little different to the rest, the chances are that it’ll fly off the shelves!


Types of fidget spinners you could stock
The fidget spinner market is very diverse, so you have plenty of options when it comes to deciding stock. If you just want to sell fidget spinners on the side or as a novelty item in your store, then the budget, plastic spinners will probably be best. These are very cheap and more likely to be bought by those who have heard about fidget spinning, and just want to spend a few dollars to discover what it’s all about.

If you’re building a fidget spinner company, then you should think about stocking metal and wooden fidget spinners too, where you’ll be able to create bigger profit margins.


Final thoughts
The fidget spinner wholesale market is certainly an area that you should consider moving into, and fast – in fact, striking while the iron is hot is vital. We’re currently in a phase where finger spinners are enjoying unprecedented popularity, and they are never going to attract as much attention as they are doing right now. The publicity is also extremely positive.

Most importantly, however, if you do choose to invest, make sure you do it properly. Buying great products from a trusted name is going to pay dividends in the long run, unlike if you go for obscure brands from China. Having great communication with a company you know will continue to provide you with high quality fidget spinners on time every time is invaluable, and allows you to prioritise your time and make your business a success.

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Why the Fidget Spinner Craze is taking the Nation by Storm

The fidget spinner is one of the most exciting albeit bizarre crazes that we have seen in recent years. These toys started to appear in mid-to-late 2016 but have seen a surge in popularity in 2017 as awareness about them has spread.

They come in all different shapes and sizes, varying hugely in price. There are plenty of cheaper commercial finger spinners out there for the casual user, but devoted fans are also able to get their hands on premium equipment if they so desire.

Let’s take a look at what fidget spinners are, why people would want to buy one and have a glance at the different types.

Origins of the Fidget Spinner
Without the internet, it’s true that we may never have seen the fidget spinner. The power of the web has brought likeminded people together and allowed us to take on understated yet ever-present problems such as fidgeting. It was in 2016 that a Kickstarter project snowballed, surpassing its $15,000 target, accruing an astonishing $6 million. The project in question was a fidget cube toy, with fidgety favorites such as rollers, buttons and switches, all incorporated in one compact device. The project went viral on social media and the rest is history.

What do fidget spinners do and why should I buy one?
You can glean from the name that fidget spinners have been designed to help tackle fidgeting. From children with ADHD to adults numbed with boredom in the office, all demographics have been struck with the fidgeting urge at some point in time – but until now, there has never been a specially designed toy to help overcome the issue. Hence people have been left with dirty habits such as biting their nails, or driving other people up the wall by clicking their pen or tapping their fingers.

The finger spinner comes with none of these issues – indeed, it isn’t even a distractor for those in the workplace, with many anecdotal reports suggesting that the hypnotic whizz of the spinner while in motion actually helps to increase concentration levels. Furthermore, the fidget spinner requires only one hand, leaving your other one free to complete any tasks you may have.

What types of finger spinners are there?
Finger spinner wholesale products tend to be made out of plastic, as these are by far the cheapest to produce. The 3D-printer is the fidget spinner manufacturer’s greatest friend as these allow developers to make spinners of various designs and colorings. That there are spinners available to consumers at such low costs is wonderful news for the finger spinner industry as a whole, given that people can feed their curiosity with a budget spinner, before potentially moving up to a higher class product afterwards.

The most common hand spinner wholesale designs at present are the two-bar and tri-bar spinners. These are easy to make, and those with R188 bearings can spin for three to four minutes on average. These are the spinners which are making the biggest waves in the media right now.

Some of the more unconventional manufacturers have looked to combine the fidget spinner with other EDC items. For example, there have been attempts to make spinners that also double up as pocket knives or bottle openers. These are likely to remain niche but the idea of a multi-purpose spinner perhaps hints at the way the fidget spinner world may go as it develops.

The more expensive fidget spinners that you see are made of metal, although there is a tiered system here too. The best spinners that money can buy tend to be made of titanium, as these are well-balanced and dense enough to offer a snug fit between the fingers, ample fidgetability and long spinning times. Aluminum, stainless steel, brass and coppers are other metals that you can expect to see fidget spinners made out of. These spinners often cost upwards of $100, and hardcore fans are often prepared to pay even more if they are scarce!

Why the US is best
It’s probably no surprise to you that China is trying to get in on the finger spinner act, with their creations. However, while the Chinese can offer their products cheaper, the reality is that these are often inferior due to the low quality materials and production methods that go into making their spinners. Moreover, Chinese fidget spinners are often just rip offs of spinners developed by American companies.

The fidget spinner wholesale market is now very present in the USA too, though, and you can definitely trust the spinners that you buy from US companies. The bigger names are able to mass produce the cheaper, plastic hand spinners that you see on sale for just a few dollars. But many have also indulged in making higher quality products, such as those that we see from the likes of Torqbar and Rotablade.

Other well-known fidget spinner wholesale USA companies include Phoenix and Spinetic. There are also many independent finger spinner manufacturers out there who sell their products on online stores like Etsy.

Final thoughts
The finger spinner wholesale world is certainly very volatile, and with less than a year of history to go on at the time of writing, no one can be truly sure about what will happen in the future – but we can make a few educated predictions. The fidgeting bug has been around for decades, and finally there’s a solution. While there’s no serious “purpose” to the hand spinner, they can’t be considered a pointless fad like the Rubik’s Cube perhaps could. What’s more, finger spinners have acquired massive appeal with all ages.

In addition, fidget spinners are astonishingly convenient. They are small enough to carry around on your person, and that they can be operated with one hand is another big plus. And with all the funky designs out there, finger spinners are becoming a fashion statement too. We reckon you’ll be hearing plenty more about these toys for years to come.

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Checking out the Time Ball Titanium Spinner from Koncio Mods

Developed by: Koncio Mods
Cost: $133
Bearing used: Ceramic hybrid bearing
Spins for: 1 minute
Size: 30mm circumference
Type: Custom design
Available in: Titanium

Koncio Mods have really prioritised design and aesthetics for the Time Ball Titanium Spinner and, on first impressions, that move has paid off. On appearance alone, this is a fantastic hand spinner and like nothing that any company has ever dared to design before. Koncio Mods are catering for the passionate hand spinners here with this classy limited edition piece.

And it really is limited edition – only 66 of these are going to be made and at $133 apiece, the price will almost definitely skyrocket. There’s no specific reason for just producing 66, but their scarcity will put them in high demand for collectors. The Time Ball is made out of titanium and has a brass band, into which the words ‘Time Ball’ are grafted. These feel really personalized and you can tell a lot of time has gone into making them.

As far as performance goes, the Time Ball hand spinner isn’t going to compete with the big hitters, although that’s no shock given the diminutive size of the piece. Around one minute of spin time is all you’ll get from this, although we hope that the Time Ball will still be great to fidget with, otherwise this is a toy that’s selling on design and rarity alone.

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Introducing the Pop Top Fidget Spinner from MPF Designs

Developed by: MPF Designs
Cost: $75
Bearing used: R188 bearing
Type: Bar spinner

Multi-purpose EDC items seem to be the new trend and the Pop Top Fidget Spinner is one of the coolest spinners I’ve seen lately. Not only does it look to be a really competent hand spinner – it uses an R188 bearing – but it doubles up as a bottle opener too! Sometimes, finding a bottle opener can be a real pain, but since you’ll likely always have your hand spinner on you, you’ll never be without one again!

Down to the details and as far as the spinning goes, this looks to be a typical bar spinner from MPF Designs. And at $75, we expect this hand spinner to deliver great spins too. It’s currently available for pre-order.