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2R Designs aim for perfection with the Triax

Developed by: 2R Designs
Cost: $130
Bearing used: R188 10-ball ceramic hybrid
Spins for: 6 minutes
Dimensions:  Diameter: 2.3 inches, Thickness: 0.5 inches
Type: Tri-spinner
Available in: Stainless steel


The Triax is a fidget spinner that’s been in high demand since its release but we’ve managed to get our hands on one to test it out. This is a really exciting spinner, and with a price tag of $130, good performance is expected. Developed by 2R Designs, who also came up with the Axiom, the Triax is from a company with an increasing fidget spinner reputation, which only builds the anticipation. Let’s waste no longer and get right into the design, spin performance and other vital aspects of the Triax tri-spinner.

The Triax is a well-designed fidget spinner as you can see from first glance. The edges have all been beautifully refined and there’s a clear attention to detail. None of this is a surprise with 2R Designs, but this hand spinner feels perfect the first time you pick it up, and every time after. The Axiom was a lovely dual bar spinner and the tri-bar Triax has all of those qualities and then some. A neat touch, you get a small tin to keep your fidget spinner in, to avoid it becoming dirty or damaged.

The Triax is only available in stainless steel, unlike many high-end spinners, which tend to offer titanium, brass and aluminum options too. But given the dimensions of the Triax, it seems right that this fidget spinner isn’t at the lighter or heavier end of the scale, but somewhere in the middle. The 2.3-inch diameter ensures that the Triax works well even with those who have small hands. A true EDC item, this fidget spinner is compact and nifty. 2R Designs know what their customers expect, and it’s these additional touches which help to validate the $130 price tag.

The edges on the Triax do admittedly appear rather intimidating but the blades have been smoothed down so they aren’t really sharp – if they were, then the Triax wouldn’t be much fun to spin! In fact, the Triax is easy to stop and start again. While in motion, this fidget spinner is somewhat hypnotic with the spiralling, and as you’d imagine, it’s a real picture when it’s whizzing around at full speed.

The stainless steel buttons are more of the same with a familiar “power button” type design that gives a flattened but concave inner finger grip which is more than adequate to grip the Triax during even the most furious of spins.

How well does the Triax spin?
The Triax is sold with either a fully stainless steel bearing or a ceramic hybrid bearings, allowing the fidget spinner boffins to fine tune their spinner. The ceramic hybrid is arguably the superior bearing, as the balls help to create an optimum path in the steel races, minimizing friction and helping the Triax to get better over time. We’re seeing more and more R188 10-ball bearings at the moment thanks to the near silence that they offer, making them a favorite for office workers.

Whether you love to just fidget with your spinner or extract the longest times possible, the Triax should be the perfect device for you. The design lets you stop the spinner and restart it with no bother, but if you just want to watch your fidget spinner whirl, then a full-power spin should last for a good five minutes – maybe even longer if your hand is steady enough! Some people say that tri-bar spinners are harder to fidget with due to the lack of symmetry, and while they aren’t as easy to play with as the dual-bar spinners, you quickly learn the knack.

The Triax is a very compact device and nowhere is this more apparent than in the buttons, which are fitted right down into the spinner, helping to create unrivalled stability. Hence, when you’re spinning the Triax, you’re getting close to perfect efficiency, which can only be a good thing! The design of the Triax also makes it ideal if you want to perform tricks with it and make cool patterns in the sunlight.

2R Designs have delivered on the Triax’s hype and if you’re familiar with the Axiom, then rest assured that it’s just as good, if not better. This fidget spinner has a glorious design that looks great in motion and still, while the spin performance – helped by the R188 bearing – is second to none. A lot of work has gone into making the Triax a spinner for everyone, and it’s paid off, with the high fidgetability and potential for long spin times. If you’re ready to take your fidget spinning to the next level with a premium toy, then look no further than the Triax.


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